Stay up-to-date on the latest recommendations and guidelines for web accessibility, as well as what Penn is doing to make campus comfortable for everyone who might visit.

General information on web accessibility and Section 508 compliance

University specific information and guidance on accessibility

Academic and learning resources


The Purchasing Department of the Division of Business Services can help the campus accessibility effort by providing advice on including accessibility in purchasing agreements and contracts.

Beyond Web Accessibility

Buildings and Grounds

PennAccess provides information on the accessible features of the buildings and campus grounds owned or leased by the University. Find access maps and descriptions of each building’s features, designated accessible entrances, elevator and accessible restroom information, and routes of travel and areas where barriers exist.

Transit and Parking

The Penn Access Transportation vehicle (PAT), operated by the Department of Transportation and Parking, is available to transport members of the University community with mobility and vision disabilities.


University websites must meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, Level AA requirement as well as satisfy the 4 underlying principles (POUR) of web accessibility.

Questions about what the law requires in specific situations, including accessibility issues, should be addressed to the Office of General Counsel at (215) 746-5200.

Upcoming Changes

WCAG 2.1 will become the University standard when it is released by the Department of Justice.

Recommended Tools

Pope Tech is the recommended tool for ensuring compliance with federal accessibility standards. Please contact ISC Client Care to have your School, Center, or department provisioned for Pope Tech.