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22nd Annual Weingarten Center Disability Symposium Shared Responsibility and Collaborative Partnerships

Houston Hall

This event is hosted by the Weingarten Center:

Creating an accessible, inclusive environment does not solely rest on the shoulders of a university’s disability staff. It is a shared responsibility for all members of a college/university community to work towards the common goal of creating facilities, programs, and services that are accessible and welcoming for people with disabilities.

Reflect upon those occasions when a university employee called your office to inform you that an elevator was not working, or a restroom failed to have a paper towel dispenser at an appropriate height for wheelchair users. It is those moments that you probably wondered, “What are the expectations of a disability office?”

Many times, people assume the disability office does it all when it comes to handling ADA issues. Even though most disability offices go beyond the norm, there are many issues that do not fall under the responsibility or authority of the disability office. Nonetheless, disability offices usually serve as the nexus in bringing people together, to discuss the issue, dissect the challenge, and determine steps to effect change.